Will I be charged a cleaning fee?

As long as the trailer comes back with NORMAL signs of use, there are no extra charges.

Can I tow a trailer myself?

Yes! As long as insurance, renting, and vehicle requirements are met, you may tow a trailer yourself.  Some trailers may require a brake controller

Am I responsible for a blowout?

At Outdoor Adventures, we go the extra mile to prevent blow outs.  Most tires in our fleet never reach 3 years of age.  NEVER will we patch or plug a tire.  We almost always will replace tires with higher load tires.  In the unlikely event you do have a blowout, you will not be held responsible for the tire or damage to the trailer.  Spares are also provided.

Do these campers come with any extras?

Most campers come extremely well equipped with extras.  Unlike most competitors, we do not charge extra for the bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen sets.  They come standard.  

Am I responsible if weather related issues damage the camper?

The only thing you are responsible for on the trailer is the awning if it is out.

Is delivery an option?

We deliver all over, generally within 200 miles, but have made exceptions.  There is a flat rate for each camper for delivery within 50 miles listed under each camper.  Delivery further than 50 miles is on a case by case basis.  Please call for inquiries.  The more popular lakes within 50 miles include Marion Lake, Marion Reservoir, El Dorado Lake, Cheney Lake, Lake Afton, Wellington Lake, Harvey County East Park, Harvey County West Park, Santa Fe Lake, Butler State Fishing Lake.  Lakes farther out include Wilson Lake, Kanopolis Lake, Tuttle Creek, Melvern Lake, Crawford State Lake, Perry Lake, Smithville Lake. Larger neighboring cities we also deliver to for an extra fee include Salina, Hutchinson, Manhattan, Topeka, and Kansas City.

Do you have hitches available?

Yes, we allow customers to use our different size hitches as well as special hitches with sway control and stabilizer bars as long as a hitch is given to us to hold.  If you do not have a hitch at all, we do have some for sale.

Are these campers strictly used at campsites?

No, are also frequently used for weddings, birthday parties, family reunions, Nascar, or extra space for house guests. Customers also use our campers for festivals frequently as well!  Whether it's the Bluegrass Festival in Winfield, Heartland Stampede in Topeka, Rocklahoma, the Dam Music Fest in El Dorado, the American Royal BBQ tournament, Bike Across Kansas, Ragbrai, The Rocket Pasture, Tumbleweed, or even the State Fair in Hutchinson, we can help you out!